A ‘Heads Up’ About Sugar

America. Home of the free, brave, and the obese… That sounds bad doesn’t it? I mean I guarantee you that any obese person you ask will tell you the same thing; they didn’t plan on, or want to be fat. Why on Earth would anyone WANT to be fat?! I believe the biggest mistake we… Read more »

Why Cardio Isn’t the Enemy

I’ll say it right up front before I write this article. Cardio itself is not the enemy to gains, aerobic cardio is the enemy to gains. Too much aerobic cardio can damper ones ability to hypertrophy and gain muscle. So, for all you long-distance runners, or even people who just like to run in general,… Read more »

The Game of Minds

It’s debatable whether exams actually are an accurate way to determine an individuals level of intelligence, let alone within a certain subject. If a teacher’s goal is to test a students ability to understand material, then their tests should be relatively easy, if you know the formulas or material (memorize it). If a teacher wishes to test… Read more »

Stop Crying over Spilled Milk

In the wake of The Baltimore Riots, just like every time something politically confrontational happens, activists have done what they do best. They have come out from their dark funnel-webs where they lay in wait like spiders to strike the next poor unsuspecting creature (the average uninformed citizen) to walk by, and they bite and kill… Read more »

The Problem That Shouldn’t Be

It is not hard to see the real problem that is not isolated to Baltimore or Ferguson, which is not if you’re white, black, blue, orange, yellow, green, or any color. Sensible people are sick of this racial baiting, white privilege, racist stereotypes, racial slurs and slangs in an offensive manner, and made-up terms like… Read more »

The Vaccine

Fellow Americans, It is time this world be introduced to a breath of fresh air, not tainted by blogging and social media claiming to care about this country and all that it is about, when they don’t. It is time you are given information you can swallow and digest with out getting indigestion. It is time… Read more »